About Stand 4 Education

My name is Kaleena Berryman, and I want to officially welcome you to my blog. My goal, to make you care about what is going on in Newark Public Schools. I promise to keep you updated as changes occur, to introduce you to various school reform efforts you may not be familiar with, and to hopefully inspire you to action. I support various efforts and entities, including the Abbott Leadership Institute, Youth Media Symposium, Coalition for Effective Newark Public Schools, New Jersey Education and Organizing Collaborative, the Education Law Center and the Newark Global Village School Zone. They all do the kind of work that I believe in.


3 thoughts on “About Stand 4 Education

  1. stand4education says:

    Hello! Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to hearing more about your organization. We have a great teacher advocacy group in Newark as well, Teachers as Leaders in Newark. I don’t teach in the schools, I teach advocacy to high school students in Newark.


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